5 Places You Haven’t Visited in Ubud and The Best Place to Stay!5 Places You Haven’t Visited in Ubud and The Best Place to Stay!

There’s no such thing as enough when you talk about what to do in Ubud, Bali. Almost every time, you can discover new sites, temples or places to go. Now, I know everyone must have visited places like Sacred Monkey forest or Campuhan Ridge Walk. But, I’m going to talk about those sweet spots none has ever unraveled. So, you can also be among the first to explore the road not taken. 

5 Places You Haven’t Visited in Ubud

1. Ulu Petanu Waterfall

Ulu Petanu Waterfall

Ulu Petanu waterfall is an immaculate waterfall in Ubud. Here, you would be able to enjoy a beautiful and natural waterfall. There’s not many visitors around, so you can enjoy the sight by yourself.

2. Gunung Kawi, Sebatu

Gunung Kawi, Sebatu

Sebatu Village’s Banjar Sebatu neighborhood is home to the Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple. This 5000 square meter spiritual tourism product has been a draw for travelers since the 1970s. You may take in the serene, natural setting of Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple here. In fact, there are cliffs and trees just behind the temple that keep the location cool and fresh.

3. Jero Dukuh

Jero Dukuh

Jero Dukuh is one of many sacred places along the Petanu River. Balinese believe that water running on Jero Dukuh is holy water. Thus, the water has natural healing effects. Therefore, everyone can bathe in the location to get rid of any sickness. 

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However, the place offers much more than just holy water. It is among the best places in Ubud to enjoy the natural environment. And the best thing about it is that the location is quite untouched. So, you won’t meet a lot of people and thus can relax and enjoy nature like you never did before. 

4. Delodsema Traditional Village

Delodsema Traditional Village

Delodsema Traditional Village offers a very engaging program and is intended to inform visitors about the native way of life. This trip focused on exploring the area, having an adventure, helping others, teaching about the environment, and tracking around the countryside.

5. Lembah Bidadari (Angel Valley)

Lembah Bidadari (Angel Valley)

You will be welcomed by a pool with exceptionally clean water when you arrive at Angel Valley. The pool receives its water from natural springs that pass through a few of the showers. Beautiful, serene, and cozy towering cliffs in many colors of green surround this swimming area. 

A secluded, still-rarely-visited location gives coziness that makes guests feel at home for extended soaks there. The pool’s bottom is clearly visible from the surface due to its transparency. This pool may be used by kids because it only goes as deep as an adult’s chest.

The Best Resort to Stay in Ubud

Puri Gangga Resort Ubud

To visit all 5 locations above, you need to stay in Puri Gangga Resort Ubud. Thus, it would be easier to reach and enjoy all destinations. 

  • Ulu Petanu Waterfall – 9 minutes by car/motorcycle
  • Gunung Kawi, Sebatu – 2 minutes by car and only 10 minutes walking. 
  • Jero dukuh – 10 minutes with motorcycle
  • Delodsema Traditional Village – 15 minutes by car/motorcycle
  • Angel Valley – 17 minutes by car/motorcycle
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The resorts offers 3 kinds of accommodation: 

  • Deluxe Room
  • Suite Room 
  • Pool Villa

But, I highly suggest the villa for family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway. The 167 sq. m. Puri Gangga Villa offers opulent living quarters with a King bed, flat-screen TV, and marble floors. 

The one-bedroom villa has a private patio that is roomy and a garden that overlooks the valley. It also has a private pool that is surrounded by sun loungers. 

The home is surrounded by large windows that let in warm natural sunlight and a breathtaking outlook. A standing shower and a sizable bathtub with views of the rice terraces are included in the private bathroom.

So, what more could you ask for?

5 Activities You Must Try at Puri Gangga Resort Ubud

Although you can get around in just minutes, you can also spend the rest of your day relaxing in Puri Gangga as the resort offer many other activities such as: 

1. Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Puri Gangga resort offers Hatha Yoga class to extend your healing activities. In the class, you can learn about aligning your pose and improving body flexibility. You can also practice meditation as well as getting deeper into many breathing techniques. In addition you can also book the class with vegetarian lunch and dinner as a complement. 

2. Making an Offering 

Making an Offering

Want to get the first hand experience of Hindu culture? You should learn to make an offering for Gods in Puri Gangga Resort. The activity promotes how to make a Gebogan from fruits, flowers and cookies. It is a way to give thanks and ask for blessings from God. 

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3. Cooking Class at Paon Puri Gangga

Cooking Class at Paon Puri Gangga

The class would teach you how to make Paon Puri Gangga delicacies. You can choose to learn our unique signature dishes that you would later eat. The class would also take you to a traditional market to grab the fresh ingredients beforehand. 

4. Floating Breakfast to Romantic Dinner

Floating Breakfast to Romantic Dinner

Nothing can spark romance like a floating breakfast and romantic dinner. Puri Gangga Resort offers a way to spice up your romantic weekend getaway. The dishes would surely light up the fire between partners and also give the perfect ambience for honeymooners. 

5. Purification at Sebatu Holy Water

Purification at Sebatu Holy Water

The journey to self healing wouldn’t be completed without bathing at Sebatu Holy Water. The place contains natural mineral water that helps you get rid of diseases. 

How to Book a Room at Puri Gangga Resort?

It is super easy! You can book a room at Puri Gangga Resort at various booking platforms. However, I recommend you to book through the official site as you might have more questions about the activities around the resort. Click here to book Puri Gangga Resort! 

Ubud offers a lot more than meets the eye. Thus, you need to open your horizons and try them all. Experience the best of Ubud at Puri Gangga Resort! 

By Tika Widya

Tika Widya C.DMP adalah seorang penulis yang sudah menekuni industri kreatif secara profesional sejak tahun 2018. Ia telah menjadi content writer, copywriter dan creative writer pada lebih dari 914+ proyek penulisan skala nasional dan internasional. Pada tahun 2024, ia berhasil menjadi satu-satunya penulis Indonesia yang masuk daftar Emerging Writer Australia-Asia. Kini, Tika Widya mengajar menulis lewat Tikawidya.com, Tempo Institute dan Kelas Bersama. Ia juga membentuk Komunitas Belajar Nulis yang aktif mengawal 1800+ penulis dari seluruh Indonesia untuk terus berkarya dan menyemarakkan industri literasi nusantara.

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